Bridge for Youth (גשר אל הנוער) is a non-profit organization founded in 2002. Our mission is to reduce school dropout rates among at-risk youth by providing them supportive services to encourage their success and meaningful integration into society.

Holistic Model

Bridge for Youth program built, implemented and operate a holistic program for at-risk youth, that includes educational, personal, social and value aspects.

 Our program includes private tutors for the young men and women to help them achieve their educational goals, as well as group activities that includes emotional support and values education that includes Zionism, Jewish tradition and courtesy.

The perfect place

Bridge for Youth  is Operating five “Warm Homes” in Tel-Aviv, Reanna & Ramat Gan, where our young men and women are invited it eat a hot meal, to talk to their peers and personal advisor, accept private tutoring and  gain personal and educational support.

Our warm homes are opened 5 days a week from 12:00 to 20:00 throughout the year.

It's All About Them

Bridge for Youth has developed and implemented a Unique Mechanism to locate youth by full cooperation with the municipal authorities and the educational team in their school.Bridge for Youth is designing a personal plan for each boy and girl, adapted to their needs, skills & abilities.We are in constant contact with their schools, families and if needed with their social services case coordinator.

Success measurements

During almost twenty years of activity we developed, learned and perfected our model. Our success rates are high and are being measured constantly.High rate of the young men and women in our warm homes are graduating successfully from the Israeli education system with a high school diploma.High rate of our graduates volunteer for military service in the Israeli defense force.The young men and women we work with grow to become independent, productive and have high moral and values.

Giving is receiving

We are proud to say that as much as we give to the young men and women we help – we get back so much, and the Israeli society gets back young adults that in other case might have been lost along the way.

Our Program Achieves a High Rate of Success

of program participants recruited to the IDF or national service
% 0
of program participants are eligible for a high school diploma
% 0
of program participants Continue to certificate studies/at academic institutions
% 0
of program participants enter the employment market
% 0


To assist at risk boys and girls to find shelter from stress in their personal, family, social, economic, and school environment, and to become equal citizens who contribute to their community and to Israeli society.

Target population:
At-risk adolescents aged 14-18 who find motivation and determination for success, coming from low socio-economic backgrounds, dysfunctional families, with immediate risk of becoming school dropouts, alcohol and drug abuse, self-inflicted injury, delinquency, street crime, etc.

• To teach values and build character and self-worth, and impart basic life skills
• To prevent school dropout and to reach eligibility for a high school diploma
• To prepare, assist and support military conscription or national service
• To guide and support graduates of the program towards academic study and employment


A PROGRAM FOR INDIVIDUAL EXCELLENCE – Educational, Social, Emotional

Bridge for Youth is a non-profit organization (NPO) founded in 2002 by Varda and Dov Halperin, who set a goal to give an equal opportunity to succeed to at-risk youth from low socio-economic families who cannot support them financially, socially, or emotionally. Our mission is to integrate at-risk boys and girls as equal citizens, contributing to Israeli society, through guidance, and teaching values and basic life skills: To teach values, build character and self-worth; To prevent school dropout and achieve eligibility for a high school diploma; To prepare and support the youth for military conscription or national service ;To guide and support graduates of the program towards academic study and employment.


Bridge for Youth uses a Holistic Model based upon a broad vision of the personal struggles and challenges of young boys and girls, providing support in the different facets of their life:

  • Educational: Individual and group study assistance during the school year by professional teachers, to motivate excellence and to prepare for high school final exams.
  • Personal: Building each boy’s and girl’s sense of self-worth and ability through emotional support by a personal mentor, and tending to their personal needs – clothing, school material, hot meals.
  • Social: Field trips, lectures, forging team spirit, life skills workshops, and more
  • Values and Community Contribution: Encouraging community involvement and social contribution; preparing and supporting for military conscription or national service.
  • Operating Welcome Houses in Tel-Aviv, Ramat Gan, Ra’anana, open all the year, five days a week, 11:00-20:00.
  • Designing a Personal Programto cater for the individual needs and abilities of each boy and girl.
  • Identifying youth Role Models to create a means to motivate success.
  • Bridge for Youth has successfully developed and implemented a unique approach for locating at-risk boys and girls in cooperation with the municipal department of education and school counselors.


  • Coaching to improve school results, prevent school dropout and to achieve eligibility for a high school diploma
  • An adult mentor who serves as a role model, to coach life skills that do not exist in their homes
  • Personal encouragement to build their self-worth
  • Cultural, social and educational enrichment activities
  • Guidance for pre-military preparatory courses and preparation for conscription
  • Support and guidance for the families
Donations to this charity are tax deductible in Israel (section 46)
USA (501(c)(3)), UK and Canada by JGive only.